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Fri, 10/20/2017 - 11:39

New Construction, Remodels, Additions & Basements we do it all. Our supervised crews perform specific tasks hired to do whether it be insulating, drywall hanging, taping, texturing & painting all done to code & Merit Drywall high standards with service techs detailing every square inch to assure details are taken care of. Our service techs work closely with customers prior to closing to repair any possible damage in dwelling made by others denting walls or patching areas cut into by others needing access behind drywall after drywall installation, nonetheless items need to be repaired prior to closing & Certificate of Occupancy, we will do whatever we can to help make the building process a success

Homeowners often times hire us directly:

It is your choice & if you so decide to do own general contracting we salute you. Merit Drywall will assist & help guide you through the building process if requested. We listen to our clients to provide a service, technical support & craftsmanship that will add value. Our competitive estimates, experienced insulators, drywall hangers, drywall tapers, texturing & sanding crews along with our painting crews “we do it all" and since we do multiple tasks such as delivering materials on site, scheduling crews, coordinating various trades, meeting with building inspectors etc. is a breeze as we take care of customers important projects. If the homeowner decides to perform specific tasks for “sweat equity" that is fine we will do as much or as little as requested by our customer, we are here for you as a working partner to complete your project.

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Your crews did awesome on our basement from start to finish. From getting drywall downstairs, hanging drywall, taping, texturing, and painting all looks great. I would refer your company to anyone. Thanks!

Tom K.

Thanks for taking great care of us with our kitchen remodel. Patching walls, removing the old "popcorn" ceiling texture, and applying the knock down ceiling gave us exactly what we were looking for.

Amy H.

The guys did an excellent job and it looks amazing. The guys were very friendly and did a great job cleaning up too!! 

Thanks Tons! 

Jerry S.