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Drywall Services

Fri, 10/20/2017 - 11:36

Merit Drywall offers a wide variety of services to assist our clients throughout the building process for a hassle free experience.

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Steel Stud Framing

Experienced crews to frame walls, exterior sheathing, soffits, bulkheads, arches, set hollow metal door frames etc. with the expertise & knowledge you can rely on your team to pay attention to detail, keep project within budget & know the importance of keeping project on schedule & when possible ahead of schedule to allow our customers additional time for other trades to follow.

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Sound insulating or looking to conserve energy Merit has your project covered. Merit performs full service insulation services; Spray Foam, Air Barrier, Waterproofing, Batt & Blown insulation, Fire Stopping, Home Energy Consulting, Blower Door Testing etc. to find out more search

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Drywall Hanging

Drywall installation for our experienced crews make this difficult task look easy 1 sheet of drywall at a time. Passing building inspections with proper screw patterns & drywall types along with precise craftsmanship installing drywall with tight joints to assure a quality surface for taping crews to follow.

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Drywall Taping

Drywall finishing is an art & with vast amount of drywall exposed on a buildings interior it is a very crucial aspect of a building finish. At Merit we know the importance of proper drywall installation, taping techniques, along with ample heat & ventilation to dry joint compound thoroughly between coats is all vital to the quality taping finish we provide. Merit utilizes artificial lights to detail our work where otherwise would often times be impossible to see, to assure nothing gets missed before priming & painting begins.


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Choices range from spray applied Knock Down, Orange Peel & Popcorn all with Fine, Medium & Coarse options. Numerous hand textures also available Crows Foot, Skip Trowel, Stamping along with Multi Colored Knock Down texture. Upon request our experienced team can help you decide what options is best suited for your drywall surface.

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The request for Merit Drywall to Paint the finished drywall surfaces is great choice because between our team of drywall finish professionals & experienced paint department working together to assure the finished product is excellent upon completion. Merit Drywall also finishes millwork, staining, varnishing, enameling, wall paper install, exterior painting or whatever paint request your project requires.